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You have reached the private and group training scheduling section of our website. This is where you would begin scheduling a private 1:1 training or skills session, or a group training. Please complete the questions below and select “submit” when finished. An LFTC staff member will contact you shortly. If you are not contacted within 24-48hrs, please contact us.

Note: If you are an individual looking to register for one of our regularly scheduled courses, please select “Scheduled and Online Courses Sign Up and Pay Here” to the right of this screen. If you would like to view all of our training options, please select “Courses” from the top of your screen, select the type of training you need, then the location you wish to attending training in. You will then be directed to a page with all of your training options and information.


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Last, let's discuss scheduling. Please tell us when you need the training by, as well as any scheduling limitations/preferences we should keep in mind.