We know that many of you may have concerns regarding your certifications in light of the recent Covid-19 crisis, as well as, the Governors order that all Californians stay home. Due to this order, we will be canceling all courses until the order is lifted. If you are already paid for an upcoming course, and we have not contacted you yet, please email us. If you are concerned that your card is expiring, please know that the AHA has recently issued a statement saying employers can extend card certifications by up to 60 days during this time. Please discuss this recommendation with your employer. We can provide you with a document from AHA to share with your employer if you would like. Please request this by email. If your employer is not willing to extend your certification and you are considered to be somebody part of the essential workforce during this crisis, such as a doctor or nurse, please email us. Please detail your situation so we can assist you with finding the safest solution possible for receiving your certification. We do plan on resuming courses as normal once the order has been lifted so please check back with us in the future. Our office is closed during this time but we are checking emails every day and we will be checking voicemails and text messages several times a week. We hope that all of you and your families stay well during this health crisis.