Frequently Asked Questions    



I noticed a textbook is included and required in the purchase of my course. Do I really need a book? What if I already have a book from a previous training?

Course Textbooks are a mandatory requirement for all AHA classes. When you purchase a spot in one of our courses, the cost of the book is included. Trainers that do not provide their students a course textbook are in breach of AHA guidelines which puts customers at risk of incorrect/ incomplete training. Life First Training Center is an Approved American Heart Association Training Center. We follow all AHA guidelines including course time length and textbook requirements to protect you, our students. Students are required to have the current AHA textbook for the course they are attending. If you believe that you already have the correct book, you can bring it to the course for verification by an instructor. We may be able to give a partial refund if you do have the correct book. Please be advised that course textbooks are updated every 5 years based on the latest science. If you have further questions on our book requirements, please feel free to call or email us.


When do I receive my CPR and/or First Aid card?

You will receive your American Heart Association certification card at the end of class upon successful completion. If your course is a private off-site course, your card will be mailed following the course.


How long is the CPR/First Aid/ACLS/PALS card good for?

All course cards are good for 2 years.


How do I pay for the class?

We accept cash, credit card, ATM, checks and money orders. Please see our Registration/Payment page for further info.


What should I wear?

The course involves hands-on practice sessions so please, wear something comfortable that you can move around in. If you have long hair, it's best to wear it back. Please do not wear lip stick.


Will there be a test?

Depending on the course you take, there may be a written exam and skills testing required as part of the course. The written exam will be multiple choice. It is unlikely that you would fail any part of testing. However, we do give one chance to re-test if you do not pass.


Who conducts the courses?

All courses are conducted by certified instructors. Our instructors are selected based on their experience and backgrounds. They are all well trained to assist you with any questions during the course.


Why choose Life First Training Center?

Unlike most CPR providers in the area, LFTC is an actual American Heart Association Approved Training Center. All of our courses follow the AHA's guidelines and curriculum. Courses are approved by OSHA and EMSA. We also offer the most affordable rates in the area with no hidden charges. Classes are taught in a supportive non-stressful manner to better support our students learning. We have the equipment and staff to support classes for not only individuals but large groups as well. We also follow the highest standards for decontamination of our equipment.


Would Life First come to my location for a class?

Absolutely! If you have a group of 5 or more, we can bring any class to you at no additional fee. Classes for groups less than 5 may also be scheduled at your location for a slightly higher fee. Our instructors will travel to Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Manteca, Tracy and the surrounding areas of the northern and central California valley. Contact us for further information.


How far will Life First Training Center instructors travel to provide quality training for my group?

Our instructors will travel to Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Manteca, Tracy and the surrounding areas of the northern and central California valley. We also offer offsite courses in some parts of Southern California and Hawaii. Please contact us for further information.


How do I sign up for a course?

Please see our registration/payment information page or click on Scheduled Courses Sign Up & Pay Here.


I see that there are a variety of different courses. How do I know which one I should take?

No problem! Call or email us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right course for you. We will just need to know what your reason for taking the course is? We will ask you if you are taking this course for any kind of job or schooling and if so, what kind? We offer every level of CPR and First training and look forward to assisting you in finding the course that best fits your needs.


What do I do if I lose my CPR card?

No problem! Call us and we will be happy to issue you a duplicate card. Please give the date/month of the class you took. You will be charged a $15.00 replacement fee.


What do I do if I need to cancel a class?

Contact us and we would be happy to re-schedule or cancel your course. Our cancellation policy is below:

8 days or more = full refund

Less than 8 days or no-show = no refund, but you can transfer to another course 1 time only
***Online courses and skills testing are not eligible for a refund.


I am a childcare provider or a foster/adopt parent. Do you offer the training course for childcare providers?

Yes, we offer the Pediatric First Aid course with CPR for all ages. This course is approved by the Emergency Medical Services Authority of California and meets all requirements for CPR and First Aid training for childcare providers and foster/adopt parents.


I was told that I need Basic Life Support (BLS), Healthcare Provider CPR, or Professional Rescuer CPR. Do you offer that?

Yes, our BLS CPR courses meet the requirements for all individuals requiring CPR as part of a job or schooling program in the Healthcare field. BLS is the highest level of CPR training.


Are there any breaks?

Yes, for shorter classes such as morning or evening only courses, instructors will provide at least one 15 minute break during the course. For courses that are scheduled to go throughout the day, a lunch break will also be given. You may bring a lunch or leave the training center to pick up food nearby. There are several food options available close by.


What if I am late to the course?

Please arrive promptly to your scheduled course. Instructors cannot go back and teach information missed if you arrive late. If you arrive within the first 15 minutes of the course, you may still participate in the class. If you arrive later than 15 minutes after the course start time, the instructor will ask you to re-schedule.


Do you give discounts to Delta students taking Healthcare-related training programs such as RN and EMT?

Yes, you will receive $10 off the cost of the course if you can show proof that you are a current Delta student.


Can I take the training online?

Some courses are offered with an online option. Please see our online courses and skills testing page for further information on those classes.


I am interested in ACLS or PALS training courses but I do not see any upcoming dates listed. When is the next course?

Our ACLS and PALS courses are not scheduled every month. Please call our office to see if a class is coming up that will fit your needs. Also, we can schedule an ACLS or PALS course for a group of 4 or more upon request as well.


I would like to come in to pay. Are there certain office hours where I can come in?

Our office hours can vary slightly depending on our training schedule. We have someone in the office on most weekdays. We are open on some weekends and evenings as well depending on our training schedule. Our voicemail recording is updated with the current hours.  We do recommend that you call before dropping by to make sure that someone is available to assist you. You may also email us to get the exact office hours for that week if you would prefer.


I have a disability. WIll I still be able to participate in the course?

We will do everything possible to accommodate your disability so that you can participate in the training in the most comfortable way. We do ask that you please inform the staff member when signing up for the course so they can make any special arrangements that may be necessary.


Are the manikins clean?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on the cleanliness and quality of our equipment. We follow very strict policies and procedures for decontamination of all of our equipment according to OSHA requirements. We also provide barrier devices to our students during the course and hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available during all courses at any time. Our training center is also thoroughly cleaned prior to and after every course.


I would like my course book prior to the class so that I can study. Is that possible?

Definitely! Once you have paid for the course, the book is yours and available for you to pick up. Books may also be mailed to you for a fee of $5-$10 depending on the book.


My card is going to expire before your next scheduled course and I need a class right away. Can you help me?

Yes, we do offer private 1:1 courses upon request. Please contact us for further information.